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Agri Super Investors

Known as ASI crowd funding App connects farm enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors in an ecosystem of social and financial inclusion.

Managed by professionals at Agcrest Development Centre head office in Sierra Leone.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to end extreme poverty and contribute to a world where people live with dignity.

Our Mission

We aim to end extreme poverty by empowering communities to graduate out of poverty and live a dignified life through decent livelihoods.

Our Approach

At Agri Super Investors (ASI), through our App we facilitate a process leading to empowerment of communities and individuals using market and business approach. We work with communities to improve financial inclusion, strengthen social assets and leverage digital opportunities. Through our App ASI facilitates the bridge between rural, urban and global communities.

Our urban and global communities are connected through ASI platform which crowdfund investment in the activities our communities are doing in their social cycles. The strength of ASI is that everyone becomes member if a big social cycle digitally linked.

Our Scope

We begin where people are. As most of the rural communities and clients earn their livelihood through agri related activities we simply start with them. We consider all farms as an enterprise and work with them get the best from what they know and do best. We also know that they work and have survived because they have an active social cycle. We take the value chain approach and interface it with digital interaction using our platform to make every investor along the chain a winner.

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