• I highly recommend ASI as an alternative investment vehicle. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and informative regarding the various companies that Agri Super Investors offers its investors as investment opportunities.
    Kwame Abebe
    Folsom Inc
  • We primarily invest in agricultural properties and I oversee the farming operations for 98 hundred acres of orchards. In our business, a consistent and reliable relationship with a lender is crucial. Having worked with farm lenders who only service a small geographic area within a state, we were constantly getting shifted from one lender to another.
    Silvia Santander
  • Since my first round of financing with Agri Super Investors, I’ve been able to grow my heard to 1100 head.
    Gus stuart
    South Triangle
  • After studying our current practices and doing some general onsite analysis, Andy gave his recommendations. More detailed samples were also taken and sent for a full analysis, since then my crops are bigger, they appear to flower for longer and they have a much more uniform and healthier appearance. ASI have been thorough with the customer service and followed every query with speed and professionalism.
    Susan Lyon
    Rose Co.
  • Over the last season we have been working closely with Agri Super Investors on a wide range of their foliar sprays and soluble fertilisers. The product range is extensive and we have found many products have greatly enhanced our growing regimes and have helped to push crop productivity and quality to new levels.
    Jhonny Cash
    Folsom Inc

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